Album Recording – Sonic Delusion ‘This Material World’

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‘This Material World’ is an album by Taranaki based group ‘Sonic Delusion‘, and the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, run by group leader and main songwriter Andre Manella. The album was recorded over one week in a temporary studio in New Plymouth. I had travelled down with all of my recording equipment and set up a nice comfortable recording space in …

Splore Festival 2016 – Sun Shack – sound engineer

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I worked with Al Sorley from Sunsonics to set up  the PA and manage the live sound for the ‘Sun Shack’ stage at Splore 2016. We ran an 8kw sound system, plus DJ backline, for two nights and three days, all off solar power! This was the most powerful system we’d run from the Sun Sonics rig, and it all …

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Logo reveal with sound.

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A short logo reveal for ‘illume – Coromandel Winter Festival of Light’. The video was made using a template from www.envato.com. The audio is a simple atmospheric pad followed by a single piano note. This is a relatively straightforward task, but very effective. The audio component can be completed within two hours.


Album Production – Waikino School – Last Flight of The Kokako –

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“‘The Last Song of the Kokako’ is inspired by the story of Waikino’s own Kokako, which used to reside in the Coromandel before it became extinct in this area, no longer to be seen or heard in this area again. “The Last Song of the Kokako” came out of the Water Journey workshops, begun in 2008-2009,  with Koro Mike O’Donnell at Waikino School, when this local NZ Potter, …

Live Recording – Huneybee Wild

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Live multitrack recording for Ohope/Opotiki band The Huneybee Wild. I set up a signal split pre-mixing desk, so the recording and live mix are independent of each other. The session was then mixed in the following days to produce a good quality live recording that can be used as a demo.

Album Production – ‘BB White – Butterfly Baby’

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Recording and mixing of full length album for northern Coromandel musician Hannah ‘BB’ white. The project was done over a few months, building the songs piece by piece. Hannah had produced some rough demo’s of the songs on her keyboard, and this made the production process much more streamlined. The sound is informed by an electronic pop aesthetic, so the album …

Soundscape – Driving Creek Railway

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The Driving Creek Railway is a real Coromandel icon. check out their website here for info on the trains, potteries, and conservation that is all a part of this magical place. Eccentric creator  – Barry Brickel – had asked me to capture some of the sounds of the place, and compile/edit these into interesting auditory adventures. Basically short audio clips that can draw the listener …

Narration and music editing for postcard DVD.

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This was one of those pretty random contracts that turn up occasionally! The job was to record and edit narration, in 6 different languages – for short (3-6 minute) DVD’s. Then create 6 alternative edits with music edited to fit the length of the film. There were about 50 different DVD’s produced. They were attached to a postcard and sold as postcard …


Festival Sound – Rogue Fest 2014

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It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the very first ‘Rogue Fest’, which was held on a camp down past Rotorua, near Kerosene Creek. This was a lovely, small and intimate festival put on by Karin Vincent and her dedicated band of supporters. My job as sound engineer for the two nights of the festival was fairly straight forward: Keep …