Splore Festival 2016 – Sun Shack – sound engineer

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I worked with Al Sorley from Sunsonics to set up  the PA and manage the live sound for the ‘Sun Shack’ stage at Splore 2016. We ran an 8kw sound system, plus DJ backline, for two nights and three days, all off solar power! This was the most powerful system we’d run from the Sun Sonics rig, and it all …


Festival Sound – Rogue Fest 2014

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It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the very first ‘Rogue Fest’, which was held on a camp down past Rotorua, near Kerosene Creek. This was a lovely, small and intimate festival put on by Karin Vincent and her dedicated band of supporters. My job as sound engineer for the two nights of the festival was fairly straight forward: Keep …


Live Mix – The Mamaku Project at Singapore Grand Prix

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This one was pretty special! The Mamaku Project brought me with them when they were invited to Singapore to perform at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2012. We had 3 shows over 3 nights – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each show was in a different part of the festival site. Lots of people, obscenely loud cars, and good music!